What our clients are saying…

"Sharon Campbell Solution Group has played a significant road in our business from having us develop our company and brand to expanding and scaling it up in our industry. The business assessment analysis tool kit provided us the gaps in our company where we were losing money, and with SCSG we are now thriving and growing." - Ronnie Crumb, M&T Enterprise

"Ms. Sharon is knowledgeable and inviting. She takes time to mentor younger entrepreneurs to develop their craft. If you need guidance contact Ms. Sharon Take the business assessment and see what areas she can assist you with." - I Am Zay Bell, Founder - "If You Can Dream It, It Can Be Accomplished!"

"The Leadership Board of Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, NC is exceedingly pleased with the support and work received from Sister Campbell. She is also being led by the Holy Spirit to assist our church with realign specific protocols necessary for smoother church operational functions and spear heads our capital campaign to build the Life Enrichment Center.  She is a mighty woman of God using her God given talents, discernment, and wisdom to get the job done! Praise God for leading Sister Sharon our way!" - Deacon Teddy Petree, Sr., REBC Deacon Board Chairman

"There is something skillful about a person who can spot a good match, bring the parties together, establish a strategic partnership, and can get the two to close a deal. But, then there is……Sharon Campbell, who does it all, effortlessly. Sharon Campbell is well-connected and highly-respected in several industries for her business acumen. But, those who work with her understands immediately that having access to her networks is the value she adds."  -  Donna Whitaker, President Kidz N Biz

"I met Sharon Campbell almost six years ago during a workshop for growing entrepreneurs.  Within the first 10 minutes of her presentation, it was evident to me that she was an expert in the area of non-profit & small business development.  I immediately knew that in order to manifest the vision I truly had for O.A.S.I.S., I would need to invest in the services provided by SYNERGY Training and Development Group.  And I am elated that I did!  Throughout the last several years O.A.S.I.S. has grown from one city with one location to three cities with four locations.  The restructuring of the organization's infrastructure has not only allowed our programming to expand, but has also placed me in a position where I can grow professionally and expand my brand."  - Lynell Coston, President/CEO O.A.S.I.S. Outreach, Inc. & O.A.S.I.S. Foundation of NC

"It is with great honor to talk about the work of Sister Campbell. She has leaded several businesses and churches to get started and expand in our community. This type of leadership can only come from God and through God. Her loving spirit to help people to success, her kind heart to show people the way, her determination to pour God’s words into others, having faith in others and believing that God is first in everything you set out to accomplish is the answer." - Reverend James Allen, Lee’s Crossroad Baptist Church

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me, are something that I live by; I bring God into everything I do, which includes my business endeavors. Finding a must read for spiritual entrepreneurs was so refreshing. Using scriptural references, Sharon Campbell, masterfully marries Spirituality and Business, providing a blueprint to fortify a business from the ground up and those of which will help to build and expand. In the words of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, “With faith, nothing possible. With it nothing is impossible”.  Thank you Sharon …. " - Greta P. Adams, President North Carolina State Coalition of National Council of Negro Women.